What Inspires Me? What Inspires You?

I have been asked many times through my life where I get my inspiration for my many different Art project’s, some are just like lightning and hit me out of nowhere and I just have to run with it till its just as I versioned it. Others come for pop culture, the places I have traveled to, some from family and friends, and some of my favorite come from the past. I am absolutely in love with vintage things (and I mean everything). I love vintage images for my files on Etsy, vintage craft supplies, vintage fashion, ALL OF IT! Over the next few weeks I will be doing some personal exploration on all of the different subjects that inspire me as an Artiest and a person, writing about each of them, so make sure to stop by and check those out!

We will also be sharing some of our favorite art supplies and where to find them along with doing spot lights on different stores and the amazing products you can get! Along with trying to get our YouTube up and running, I am not a professional video editor so it will be a slow start till I get that all figured out! If you haven’t make sure to go and like our Facebook & Instagram.

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Now the real question is what are things that inspire you? Please feel free to leave a comment! We want to hear from you!

Lots of Love


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