Magical Mermaid Wands for Boy’s and Girl’s

Magical Mermaid Wands for Boy’s and Girl’s

This project is something I wanted to make for my little merpeople (How I will refer to my kids in this post!) I would consider this a level 1 easy craft. My littler merlady is very into mermaids, princesses, & unicorns all the fun girl stuff!! YAY!! My merman likes sword, and using his imagination. So this project of making Mermaid wands is a perfect fit for some of the many things my merpeople are actively in to right now! I hope your merpeople will like them too!

Supply List: Templet for wand design ( print outs at bottom of post), Dowel roads (1/4th x 12 inch), A ribbon of your choosing , Glitter foam, Scissors & Exacto knife, Pen, Hot glue or tacky craft glue, Any embellishment you want to add

You will start out by printing off temples of what you want to make. I picked a sea shell for my merladies wand like the little mermaids top and trident scepter for my merman. ( We had recently watched the little mermaid) Then of coarse you have to cut those out other wise they are no good, and if you just to free hand it more power to you! Either way you rock! Once you have completed this step you are ready to trace them on the back smooth side of the foam!

After this you will want to plug in your glue gun, I always put something under it so if it drips it wont make a hot mess on your table or desk. While that is warming up its time to cut out your shapes you just traced, you should have 2 of each color you picked out. For the trident the only color my merman wanted was gold, just like the movie. For the merlady she also went with color from the movie. She picked colors the match Ariel’s tail dark green and shell top purple.

You can put the colors in any order or even mix and match for a fun look. To make the shells have a little more depth and fun I cut slits in the middle of the green smaller shells. I didn’t try to make them perfect and I love that they are all different lengths and sizes. I used an exacto knife to cut these.

Now your glue gun should be nice and warm. For the sea shells I glued both of the green shells to the purple and set them to the side. Then I flipped the trident pieces over to have the smooth sides up. Grabbed a dowel rode and glued it in place on one of the trident pieces, then spread glue all over the rest of the piece of foam and dowel rode. Then you will place the unglued piece of foam, lining it up as much as possible. Before I put the shells on the dowel I measured our BEAUTIFUL mermaid ribbon, making sure it was and inch or 2 above the bottom of the dowel so it wouldn’t get pulled on as my merlady plays with it. This ribbon was pretty wide, so I cut it in half vertically.

Then you will want to glue the ribbon the the fully dried shells on the inside smooth part of the purple. At this point I glued the dowel on top of the ribbon after it had dried. Then once again put glue all over the foam and rode, then placed the opposite smooth side on top finishing the shell wand. At this point you can add embellishment like pearls, rhinestones, or felt / foam stickers or leave it as is. Either way you have just made something your littler merperson will LOVE!

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